Our Mission

To make giving easy and rewarding for all

The Team

We are a small team of innovators, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and social sector experts working to create the tools that help you be Generous.

The Generous Team
Ross Buntrock - CEO
Ross Buntrock
22 years leading tech/privacy/data security practice groups at AmLaw 100 Law Firms. Litigator, Lobbyist. Co-founder of VC backed Silicon Valley Data Analytics company and an ISP.
Katie Marshall - Director of Design & Product Strategy
Katie Marshall
Director of Design & Product Strategy
8+ years of UX leadership and Product experience in large agencies, companies, and startups.
Lauren Guetz - Chief Revenue Officer
Lauren Guetz
Chief Revenue Officer
15+ years of managing revenue for startups and nonprofits. Built partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. Passionate for developing solutions through the marriage of technology and social change.
Tony Harkin
Chief Data Scientist
20+ years experience in computational mathematics, statistics and data science.
Elyse Dawson
Front-End Developer
Theatre artist and graduate of Nashville Software School with over 8 years of administrative experience.
Alan Kostrick
Front-End Developer
15 years of coding education and education leadership, teaching video game design, web development, and full-stack coding skills to people of all ages.
Bryce McHugh
Director of DevOps
Nearly two decades delivering solutions in the FinTech, Hospitality, and Real Estate industries. Lover of automation and exterminator of tedium. A true artisan.
Rich Wertz
CTO & Chief Software Architect
A self-described "builder of things", entrepreneur, and avid conservationist with a lifetime of software development experience. Colorado School of Mines Oredigger. If you've purchased something with a credit card, you've used his software.