Achieve Miami

Miami, FL

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9515 SW 60 CT, Miami, FL 33143
EIN: 47-5482321


Achieve Miami Inc. Is dedicated to fostering a transformational educational ecosystem in miami. Together with partners from the public and private sector, Achieve Miami brings together, designs, and manages programs that bring together members from various parts of the community to extend learning opportunities for students, teachers and education leaders. Achieve Miami Inc. Is a florida 501 c 3 non-profit organization that develops and manages programs that Increase educational equity in miami. The organization identifies children growing up in poverty and connects them to innovative learning opportunities. We attract, develop, and mobilize talented leaders of all ages and backgrounds to serve these students in a way that creates social change. Over 1,200 students (grades 1-12) participated in achieve programs from 3 elementary sites, 1 k-8 site, and over 30 high schools in miami-dade county.






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The above information is from IRS data and tax returns as of July 2021. Generous is not affiliated with or endorsed by Achieve Miami.

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