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Addicts Quit with Addiquit

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Why I’m raising funds for this cause

In the first instance it is significant to note that I am in my 21st year of recovery from alcoholism and have managed to become a useful, contributing member of society in that time. In addition I have been involved in many aspects of negotiating this life-threatening affliction in myself and many others. In my humble opinion the key is to offer quick & immediate support once help is requested. And there is nothing better than a performing addict to request help from an abstaining addict where identification & trust may be gained expediently. However, most of the addiction programme oriented charities prefer an attraction rather than promotion stance meaning there is a significant "gap" from finding to securing the help so desperately & urgently needed. It is into this gap that many sufferers fall - although they want help, & undoubtedly it is there, it isn't as easily accessible as one might imagine. Also, although private business & governing bodies may wish to fund/sponsor such charities their constitutions render them unable to accept outside contributions thereby stifling access to funds that can create further accessibility. While, I fully understand these charities need to stick rigidly to their guidelines there definitely is an option for a half-way house advisory/intermediary organization to act in an exchange format mode. The model is based on speedy, experienced advice backed up by immediate action alternatives on offer via introduction to the various addiction health agencies. Of course, helplines (phone, mail, text, social media) would be manned by experienced staff. From the outside looking in the gulf is too vast & therefore too slow to make an impact and that is why fatalities are high. Those who are intensely suffering require immediate help, and amidst their own chaos, as clear an indication as possible on how to navigate their way through internal mayhem - what is going to happen? why is it happening? what do I need to do to stop this? where can I go? what will I find there?, etc.. This message is unlikely to be carried well by those who have not encountered addictions and the various recovery services they offer. Traditionally, success suggests simplicity & promptness to be all-important in this field as follows; 1. Help is required 2. Help is available 3. How is help accessed? What I am advocating is not the ultimate panacea to this problem but one that may push back the avalanche. Initially, I would look to create, develop & implement a small but effective unit fully based on experience gained largely from a charitable organization, of which I Chaired, together with my own personal experience.

Where your donation goes:

Ethical Humanitarian Foundation Barbara J Bouchey Ttee

3 Tallow Wood Dr Ste G, Clifton Park, NY 12065-2809
EIN: 20-7374196


Ethical Humanitarian Foundation is headquartered in Clifton Park, New York and works on education issues. They are a grassroots organization. Ethical Humanitarian Foundation was founded in 2007.

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