Increase Charitable Giving with an In-Kind Donation Wish List

March 2022

The Generous platform in partnership with makes it easy for your nonprofit to create a wish list of exactly the material donations your organization needs. And it's 100% free!

Read on to learn how you can #JoinGenerous and increase charitable giving with an in-kind donation wish list!

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Charitable giving comes in many forms. Cash donations are critical to funding programming and day-to-day activities. Some donors prefer to donate their time or professional services through volunteering. Many supporters enjoy giving supplies and items in-kind to nonprofits. In-kind donations play a valuable role to ensure that organizations can operate successfully and smoothly.

Nonprofits and charitable organizations can benefit from the support of engaged and enthusiastic donors while efficiently collecting everything they need to move the mission forward with an easy-to-use and highly effective tool: an in-kind donation wish list.

Create an in-kind donation wish list and fill it with everything needed, from any retailer in the world. Supporters will be excited to donate items they know will help the cause succeed.

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What are in-kind donations?

In short, in-kind gifts are non-monetary donations.

Most commonly, in-kind contributions are tangible material items donated to support a nonprofit’s programs, services and mission. Other common in-kind donations include professional services, labor and use of equipment or facilities at no cost to the receiving organization. An easy way to identify an in-kind donation is if it falls in the category of either a physical object or professional services.

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How does an in-kind wish list work?

Powered by the partnership between Generous and, an in-kind wish list enables nonprofits and charitable organizations to create a list of exactly the material donations and operating supplies, plus funding opportunities, needed to further its mission.

The people running a nonprofit - such as staff members and volunteers - are best positioned to determine the supplies, tools and materials beneficiaries need. Curating an in-kind donation wish list ensures that those critical items are easily outlined for donors who prefer to contribute tangible items. Donors can feel good knowing their donations are making a positive impact.

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What types of organizations can benefit from an in-kind wish list?

In-kind wish lists are a popular choice with smaller, locally operated nonprofits who rely on the charitable support of the local community. Local chapters or affiliates of national organizations can benefit, too. One of the key advantages of an in-kind wish list is that the organization can tailor the items to the specific programs and efforts of their unique mission and cause.

Organizations centered on helping children can use an in-kind wish list to collect donations for back-to-school drives. Items such as backpacks, notebooks, scissors, crayons, books, pencils and rulers can be selected from any retailer in the world. An in-kind donation wish list also gives donors the option to give a cash gift, too!

Animal welfare organizations and animal shelters can create and promote in-kind donation wish lists for leashes, bowls, pet food, grooming materials, bedding and veterinary supplies. Because an in-kind donation wish list can include items from any store in the world, supplies can be added from pet-specific retailers like PetSmart, Petco and, allowing donors to shop for items from a variety of retailers all in one place!

Human service organizations can maximize donations drives by collecting building supplies and tools, clothing, hygiene products, job-aide supplies and critical program-specific materials. Organizations can track fulfilled items and number remaining to ensure the correct amount of supplies are available when they are needed.

The possibilities are endless!

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What are the features and benefits of an in-kind donation wish list?

It’s easy to receive both cash and in-kind donations with a wish list, in partnership with Generous and MyRegistry. A wish list allows organizations to ask for exactly what they need.

With an in-kind donation wish list, nonprofits can:

  • Request cash and/or in-kind donations
  • Add items from any retailer
  • Track fulfilled items and number remaining
  • Customize the look of the wish list to reflect the organization’s brand
  • Integrate the wish list into the organization’s website and social media

Ready to set your nonprofit up with an in-kind donation wish list?

Generous and MyRegistry provides a seamless solution for nonprofits to curate, request and receive cash and in-kind donations through a wish list. Nonprofit organizations can create an in-kind donation wish list - and it’s 100% free! Get in touch with our team to learn about how your charity can #JoinGenerous and elevate your fundraising strategy through in-kind and cash donations.


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