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Child Focus

Child Focus strengthens the quality of life for 20,000 individuals in central and southern Ohio by developing thriving kids, strong families and successful adults.

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$150CatherineCincinnati, OH

4629 Aicholtz Road, Cincinnati, OH 45244
EIN: 31-0952668


Child Focus is accepting donations for toys and gift cards to Kroger and other retailers for groceries, gas and clothing for needy families this year. We help children enrolled in Child Focus early learning and behavioral health programs who need extra help over the holidays. There are many reasons they may need the help this year, including unexpected and terminal illness, grandparents raising grandchildren, parent incarceration or death, house fire or job loss.

Toy Drop-Off: Shop from our toy drive wish list below! Or drop-off toys at Child Focus Office (Lower level of the building with the playground in front) - 4629 Aicholtz Road, Cincinnati, OH 45244

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The above information is from IRS data and tax returns as of June 2020. Generous is not affiliated with or endorsed by Child Focus.

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