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In just over a week, thanks to the generous support of many of you, we have been able to deliver more than 6,000 meals to families and elderly in need. This is a real community effort and we want to thank all of our donors, partners, and volunteers for making this happen.

Thanks to the generous support of BOA ® Technology and the Team Tío Foundation, the Denver Metro Emergency Food Network is excited to announce a $25,000 challenge opportunity. We are asking our network to help us reach this match with $25,000 by April 12. This will ensure we can delivered 50,000 meals across Denver by the end of April.

When we started this effort not even two weeks ago, we had no idea where we were going as a city, state and community. What we now know clearly is that the need for safe, delivered meals is enormous and accelerating rapidly. We have a food security crisis in the Denver Metro Area and our organization is committed to delivering as many meals as possible, every day. That's why we need your support.

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Denver Metro Emergency Food Network

Denver Metro Emergency Food Network

135 Park Ave W, Denver, CO 80205
EIN: 46-2096160



10,000 meals to 700 families and senior citizens in need

In the Denver Metro Area, 55,000 families have school age children, many of whom rely on free and reduced meals and will need access to food during school closure. Thousands of elderly individuals also have reduced access to food as they avoid high density areas due to the risk of COVID-19.

To have an impact we believe we need to deliver a minimum of 10,000 meals to 700 households in the next week. We need your support in raising $50,000 to support this work. Donate and please share this link with your friends and family. As little as $25 can get four meals to homebound community members!

Matching Donation Available

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