Yes, your donations to Generous Charitable Inc. are tax deductible for qualifying donors. Generous Charitable Inc. is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3), with a federal tax ID number (EIN) of 84-5083570. Click here to view more information on our tax-exempt status. Please check with your tax preparer to confirm whether your donation is tax deductible.
Generous Charitable Inc. is independent from Generous and maintains a separate board of directors. Generous works closely with Generous Charitable, especially in connection with raising and distributing funds in a low-cost and effective manner. This is how Generous lets you donate to virtually any charity. So for example, if you donated to a local food bank using Generous, your donation would be deposited in the Generous Charitable fund first, and then Generous Charitable would distribute your donation to your local food bank—and Generous would appear on your tax statement.
On Generous you can create a matching campaign to inspire your friends, family, and other Generous users to give! You simply go through the steps to create a matching campaign, which will include creating a shareable matching campaign web page. Your money will be included in the pool of matching funds and available to everyone as a “community match.” As people donate to your charity and get matched by your funds, your funds get drawn down and distributed to your chosen organization. If your funds do not get used within 6 months, the remaining funds will get sent to your chosen organization. At this point we do not offer refunds for individual matching campaigns and they are treated like a one-time donation.
There are over 2 million nonprofits in the U.S. and you soon will be able to make donations to the majority of them on Generous. Many of the nonprofits on our site are organizations we have first-hand knowledge of; we have observed the good work they are doing; others have been recommended to us by friends and advisors. If there is a nonprofit that is doing great work and you believe should be on Generous, please let us know here.
Our processing fees are optional—Generous is essentially a tip-based service. The processing fee covers the credit card company fees plus a small platform fee (either $1 or 2.5%—whichever is greater). If you choose not to cover the processing fee, only the credit card company or payment gateway fee will be deducted from your donation.
You are in complete control of your information and privacy. Generous will never sell your information to outside parties. When you make a donation, you can opt in to share (or not) your contact information with the nonprofits that you’ve supported. If you choose not to, that’s totally fine, and your contact information will remain anonymous.
Yes! If there is a nonprofit that is doing great work and you believe should be on Generous, please let us know here.
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