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by Ryan Griffin


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Ryan Griffin asks, and you shall receive.


When I think about HEART, I think about myLIFEspeaks.

They started out with the mission to change the way individuals with special needs are viewed in Haiti. They didn’t build a wall around their Neply campus or show up with an exit plan. Instead, they moved in and opened their doors. They walked the dusty village trails and talked about life with them. They created a clinic, Academy, and a variety of feeding programs that not only serve the community but also employ them. They built houses, found host parents and mixed special needs with typically developing children under one roof.

They are now a vital part of Neply and through love they are empowering and transforming the culture.

My heart was forever changed when I stepped foot on that campus. Every LIFE has value and what better way to teach that than to be the example.

Feed A Child, Feed A Family, Feed A Village

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International Reach, HQ: PO Box 100972, Nashville, TN 37224
EIN: 45-2446194

How this campaign will make a difference


myLIFEspeaks' mission is to develop a Christ-Centered culture one LIFE at a time through Family Empowerment, Educational Excellence, and Public Health Impact.

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It Takes A Village Fund


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