Lou Peery Field Expansion of Upper Field

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The Tazewell High School baseball program has sent more kids to college than all of the other sports programs at Tazewell High School and all the other sports programs in the two other county schools combined. We take great pride in assisting children. WIth your help, we can take a significant step to enhance the support we can offer kids in this area. We target and encourage troubled youngsters to come out for the baseball team. A couple of years back there were 4 players on the high school team who were being raised by someone other than their parents. Kids in these groups too often get little attention. As a result, they turn to drugs or fall through the cracks before they have a real chance at life. Our organization exists to correct this problem. GOD doesn’t make trash. EVERY child is special and deserving of our help and support. Most of the children in our area are from financially challenged families. Regardless of how athletically talented they might be, without our help, these kids have little chance of getting noticed by college coaches. These kids can’t afford to play travel baseball. They can’t afford to play outside the area so we strive to bring the college coaches here so our kids can get noticed. Helping local youngsters secure academic and athletic scholarships so they can attend college is a constant goal.

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Tazewell Baseball Boosters

Tazewell Baseball Boosters

PO Box 1393, North Tazewell, VA 24630-1393
EIN: 54-1647519


The Tazewell Baseball Boosters are dedicated to supporting the Bulldog Baseball Program and maintaining the Lou Peery Sports Complex.
Tazewell Baseball Boosters, Inc. is a non-profit organization consisting of volunteers and parents from the community. Our mission is to support the enhancement of student athletes to success in the classroom and on the playing field through raising funds to assist in providing equipment and supplies for the players and coaching staff, to assist the team with travel expenses to and from games, and to assist in maintaining and upgrading the facilities to provide a safe and healthy environment for the team at the home field.
Come out and support our Bulldogs!

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