Memorial Donations

People are looking for more ways to make memorial tributes in remembrance of their loved ones.

For Memorials

Generous makes it easy to incorporate memorial donations into obituaries & tribute pages

Generous provides the ability to donate to any nonprofit, school, or church right from your platform. Our streamlined tools process donations and provide full donation management

Robust database of 2 million nonprofits, schools and churches to choose from
Tax-deductible easy payments via credit card, Venmo, Apple and Google Pay
Full donation management insuring donations get to nonprofits in honor of loved ones

Memorial donation integrations

Offer memorial donations on your obituary pages via our Memorial Donations API or our JavaScript donation-embed tools.

Other solutions for memorial and legacy donations

Generous's digital donation tools offer many ways to incorporate donations into your platform, whether your business is legacy planning, memorial service video streaming, tribute gifts, digital memory cards and beyond!

Features include:

  • Company differentiation and unique offering
  • Drive new customers and increase retention
  • New customer behavioral insights to drive new marketing tactics
  • Fast and flexible implementation

Add-on features to cater to your business

QR Code Solutions

for in-service memorials or marketing materials

Video Streaming Donations

donation opportunities for streaming services

SMS Donations

for quick payments and those who don't come prepared


"Generous provides our business with the ability to better serve our families and their needs. Our customers are happy they have the ability to support their loved ones in a legacy way through donations and they can do it easily. We value the impact that our partnership with Generous brings not only for our customers but for the overall greater good."

- Bob Arrington, CEO, Arrington Funeral Directors

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