Ray's Fund to Support Colorado Restaurant Response

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Please support our effort for restaurant and service workers who have lost their jobs by getting them back to work preparing quality, nutritious meals for those in need.

Where your donation goes:

Colorado Restaurant Response

Colorado Restaurant Response

1390 Lawrence St #200, Denver, CO 80204

How this campaign will make a difference


Our model is simple:

  • Re-hire and keep restaurant workers employed, preparing ready-to-eat, nutritious meals, and
  • In partnership with the Denver Emergency Food Network and Bondadosa, we will distribute meals to unemployed service workers and other food insecure families.
  • All funding goes towards food, utilities and paying hourly restaurant workers and drivers.

This program began March 30, 2020 by connecting 2,000 Coloradans with meals daily with plans to grow capacity to 5,000 meals per day. Their goal is to provide over 225,000 nutritious ready-to-heat meals (5,000 per day) and employ over 100 restaurant workers in Colorado for the next 6 weeks. Every $100,000 supports over 15,000 meals and supports 5 workers for 4 weeks.

Help us reach our goal to stand up at least 10 kitchens in Colorado, allowing restaurants to hire a number of workers back and stay functional through the crisis!

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