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Rainforest Partnership

The time is now: for the forest, for our planet, for our future.

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Loving the rainforest, the life it supports and those that support its life






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Join Rainforest Partnership as we protect tropical rainforests in some of the most critical places on Earth for biodiversity and climate sustainability. From now until year end, help us raise $100,000 to fund community-based projects in Peru and Ecuador.

Niyanta Spelman, founder and CEO of Rainforest Partnership

The time is now!

For the forest, for our planet, for our future!

Tropical rainforests make up less than 3% of the Earth's surface area, yet they are disproportionately critical to the balance and well-being of the entire planet. Regulating global water cycles and weather patterns, they store billions of tons of carbon, and they house over 50% of all terrestrial biodiversity in diverse and complex ecosystems. The world is losing about 10,000 acres of Amazon rainforests a day, in spite of their critical role.

Protecting standing tropical rainforests is a climate solution that yields some of the greatest impact per dollar and plays a vital role in our collective future. If we are going to change the course of the dual existential crisis of biodiversity loss and climate change, there is no time left to waste.

The good news? Protecting standing forests is what we do best at Rainforest Partnership — and we need your help.

Our Work

Rainforest Partnership is a high-impact nonprofit organization that protects, conserves, and regenerates tropical rainforests in the Amazon. By partnering with local and indigenous communities as economic participants and guardians, we renew the essential relationship between people and nature and restore hope through transformative action.

For 15 years, our team has been working in the rainforests in Peru and Ecuador, building powerful, trust-based partnerships and community-based projects that enable ground-up, measurable, and long-term rainforest protection, management, and restoration.

The time to act is now, and we ask you to join us in creating a future with thriving forests and a vibrant planet.

Our Partners

We work closely with 28 local and indigenous communities in Ecuador and Peru as well as with local organizations and governments at all levels. Through our comprehensive 360-degree approach, we work to understand their needs and challenges, determine the most effective ways to achieve our shared goal of protecting forests, and develop thoughtful, durable, and mutually agreed upon plans of action.

Our Collective Impact

Together, we have the potential to create immediate and lasting impact, and a track record that shows we know how to execute for real results. In 2021 alone, our efforts led to the durable protection and restoration of 1.16 million acres of rainforest in Peru and Ecuador. Our long-stated goal — now embraced by 145 countries — is to end deforestation entirely and reverse forest loss by 2030.

Your Support

Help Rainforest Partnership provide the ground-up rapid impact necessary to protect biodiversity, sustain thriving rainforest communities, support a balanced climate, and ensure a livable planet for all.

Your gift supports our on-the-ground work with our community partners, as well as the critical projects and operations that make this impact possible.

92% of our funding goes directly to our programs. Just 5% goes to management, and only 3% goes to fundraising.

Photo credit: Erick Reátegui
Photo credit: Erick Reátegui

Learn More

Explore Rainforest Partnership's projects and proven approach to conservation on our website, read our 2021 Impact Report and follow Rainforest Partnership on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter for stories of impact from the Amazon.

Where your donation goes:

Rainforest Partnership

Rainforest Partnership

International Reach, HQ: PO Box 49268, Austin, TX 78765-9268
EIN: 26-1618125


Rainforest Partnership is an impact-driven international organization that uses the power of community and collaboration to protect tropical rainforests in some of the most critical places on Earth for biodiversity and climate.

Founded in 2007, Rainforest Partnership addresses the challenge of deforestation by centering the needs and rights of those on the frontlines of rainforest protection—Indigenous and local communities—to build holistic, ground-up solutions that support resilient communities, preserve and regenerate ecosystems, and create long-lasting conservation impact. In 2021 alone, our work led to the conservation and durable protection of 1.16 million acres of rainforest in Peru, Ecuador, and along the Peru-Brazil border.

Our on-the-ground programs in Peru and Ecuador, energized by our local and indigenous partners leading conservation projects and a diverse coalition of global collaborators, drive powerful impact for rainforests and all who rely on them. Our global initiatives convene, educate, and empower individuals and organizations around the world to accelerate action to end deforestation. Our work builds the systemic change necessary to scale radical global action and impact to protect tropical rainforests, end deforestation by 2030, and lead the way to a thriving and balanced planet.

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