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Support Lanier Friends of Music Education

Organized by Matthew


Funds raised

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$100 goal

Why I’m raising funds for this cause

Many students and teachers of Music Education are being affected by the budget cuts via the district. This is because of the Global-Wide Pandemic Covid-19. This includes our very own Lanier Middle School Music Arts areas such as Band, Orchestra, Guitar, and Theatre. My name is Matthew Cruz, and I'm an 8th Grader at Lanier. I want to represent and help Lanier Friends of Music Education! (LFME) This Fundraiser is my IB project. I want to raise awareness for the budget cuts this year and this is how I will help! LFME is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Where your donation goes:

Lanier Friends Of Music Education

2600 Woodhead St, Houston, TX 77098-1615
EIN: 45-2670218


Lanier Friends Of Music Education is headquartered in Houston, Texas and works on arts & culture issues. They are a grassroots organization. Lanier Friends Of Music Education was founded in 2011.

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